Miller Road Sewer Extension

Starting the week of June 18, 2018 B&W Paving & Landscaping from Waterford will start the Miller Road sewer extension project. The work will start from the existing manhole in Brightman Circle and extend east on Miller Road to a new end-of-the-line manhole in front of 94 and 99 Miller Road. The work will continue into the middle of August with the road pavement temporarily patched. The temporary patching will be replaced later to allow time for any trench settlement. These roads will be open to traffic during construction but there will be traffic delays due to this work and only one lane will be open to local traffic for much of the time when construction work is active. There will be short periods when portions of the roads are gravel without pavement. Access will be maintained to all properties along the roads during construction. Motorists are advised to drive slowly and use caution on these roads during construction. Please be aware that if you have any lines in the road right-of-way, such as sprinkler pipes or invisible dog fence wires, they may be damaged by the work. The road right-of-way extends approximately 12’ to 15’ beyond the road pavement. If you mark the lines we will try to avoid them but you should be prepared to make repairs if they are damaged and to secure any pets by other means. If you have any questions regarding this project, please feel free to call me or Bobb Grillo at 644-2511 ext. 257, or e-mail Bobb at Sincerely, Jeffrey Doolittle, P.E. Town Engineer