Mission Statement

1. Crime Prevention Through Public Enlightenment
Goal: To assist and encourage the public in its understanding, acceptance and cooperation towards achieving the highest possible degree of compliance with enacted laws, codes, regulations and ordinances related to public safety, welfare and crime prevention.

Goal: To provide leadership by encouraging, sponsoring, supporting activities, ordinances, building codes, etc. that affect the external environment to be a crime deterrent (street lights, business alarms, building codes, etc.) but are not of a strictly police nature.

2. Achieving Law And Order With Justice
Goal: To further law and order with justice by achieving the highest degree of public confidence and compliance resulting from the policies, practices, integrity and competency of the Department and its personnel in its pursuit of excellence.

Goal: To relate effectively and to cooperate with all of the community agencies having a bearing on the public’s welfare and related police activities, emphasizing close working relationships with neighboring police departments and associated law enforcement agencies.

 3. Effective Departmental Management
Goal: To strive for effectiveness by practicing anticipatory planning and participative management, utilizing goal-setting and management by objectives, under shared leadership, wherever possible, encouraging sound enforcement judgment and teamwork in significant areas.

4. Responsiveness To Public’s Needs
Goal: To seek out and actively respond to valid, critical and expressed community protection, safety, security and order, needs and services, commensurate with enforcement work, of a high order, toward earning the continued respect of the community and its elected representatives.

5. Prevention vs. Correction
Goal: To study trends and activities in selected areas of serious and recurring crimes involving potential for personal injury, emphasizing anticipatory prevention and deterrence before, and intensive investigation and apprehension after, the commitment of such crimes.

Goal: To consider and use, or recommend alternatives to the usual enforcement and judicial system, where appropriate, for first-time juvenile and young adult offenders, when in the spirit and intent of the law and good enforcement judgment.

6. Respect For The Rights Of Individuals
Goal:To proceed in all inquiries, contacts, investigations, suspected violations, apprehensions and arrests with fair and humane concern for every individual, and with respect for their constitutional rights and physical protection from harm while observing the due process and procedures of law.

7. Professionalizing Departmental Staff
Goal: To encourage, assist and seek support for the continual professionalization of the entire staff, both sworn and otherwise, perfecting job classification, personal qualifications, requirements, recruitment and selection, utilization, training and career development, appraisal and promotion, discipline systems and recognition and reward systems, consistent with the community and Department’s needs and resources.

Goal: To maintain a constant process of inquiry, critique, awareness, feedback and continuing review and feedback, plus analysis, toward surfacing and resolving internal obstacles or problems, faulty systems or conditions, to assure organizational effectiveness, efficiency and 
high employee morale.

8. Keeping The Department Modern
Goal: To seek out and further, to study, acquire current and new enforcement and management  practices, technology, ideas, facilities, equipment, relationships and systems to assure a continuously modern, effective and responsive Department, capable of rendering effective police and protective services.

Goal: To help reduce incidence of crime by maintaining appropriate records, data and statistics, reflecting nature, types, incidences, seriousness, locations, response times, methods of operation, trends, for designing improved prevention, investigation and apprehension strategies.

Goal: Work constantly toward improving police practices, in order to lessen the impact of crime, by continually striving for better patrol and surveillance, efficient response time, scientific investigation, increased clearance rate, especially in serious crime areas.

Adopted - September 1987