School Resource Officer Program

Officer Tina Roy - Middle School - email

Officer Benjamin White - High School - email

The School Resource Officers Program was developed in order to better deal with a wide range of public concerns, which include violence in schools, drug and alcohol abuse, and any problems that affect the school’s quality of life.

The term School Resource Officer or S.R.O., refers to how an Officer applies to the community policing philosophy within a school environment. Their school is their permanent location. The SRO provides police related services, both inside and outside of their schools, while continuing to solve problems that have a negative impact on the school’s environment.

The School Resource Officers are resources for their schools. They are trained to fulfill three primary roles. First and foremost they are Law Enforcement Officers, whose main purpose is to keep the peace in their schools. Second, they are law related mentors who provide guidance and information to students, their families, and school staff. Thirdly, they are law related “teachers”, who can provide the schools with additional resources by sharing their expertise in the classroom (when requested and available). 

The SRO’s primarily work 7am – 3pm, Monday through Friday. Currently there are two SRO’s assigned to South Windsor Public Schools. Officer Tina Roy is assigned to Timothy Edwards Middle School and Officer Benjamin White is assigned to South Windsor High School.  

The School Resource Officer must work hard in order to gain the trust and respect of the students at their assigned schools, as well as the school’s staff and administration. Each school has its own character, and the Officers must be flexible, and be able to adapt to the schools environment.

Ofc. Tina Roy

Timothy Edwards Middle School

Office Phone Number 860-474-1613 



Ofc. Ben White

South Windsor High School

Office Phone Number 860-648-5000 (Ext. 3101)