South Windsor's Most Wanted


Ryan Boland 12/19/75

Charges: 3 warrants for Criminal Violation of a Protective Order

Bond: $200,000


Mohammad Farooq

DOB: 8/4/69

Charges: Risk of Injury to minor (3 counts), Assault 3rd (3 counts)

Bond: $250,000



Aaron Oldenburg

DOB: 9/9/90

Charges: 2 Outstanding Warrants: 1) Assaut 1st Degree, Reckless Endangerment, Breach of Peace; 2) Threatening 2nd, Disorderly Conduct

Bond: $200,000 Surety


Aisha Terry

DOB 4/15/77

Charges: Identity Theft, Forgery, Issuing Bad Checks, Larceny

Bond Amount: $1,300 CASH