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Recycling Program
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Town of South  Windsor Recycling Program
Recycling questions - call (860) 644-2511, ext. 343 or visit us on the web

Residential recyclables are collected at the curb everyother week on the residents' normal refuse collection day , including Plum Ridge Condos
(Wednesdays for all other Condominiums)

The following items are recycled:


Only clean newspaper, and newspaper supplements;
Also catalogs & magazines
Place inside recyclable container
Keep clean and dry
Soiled paper
Plastic coated paper
Corrugated Cardboard
Cardboard Box

Cereal boxes
Shoe boxes
Pasta boxes
Place inside recyclable container
Waxed corrugated
Pizza boxes

Glass Food and Beverage Containers
Glass Containers

Any color;
Soda, Juice, Water
Bottles, glass or plastic
Food Containers
Wash, clean
Caps and lids removed
Labels need not be removed
Ceramic plates
Pyrex or crystal
Light bulbs
Window/mirror glass
Metal Food and Beverage Containers
Metal Cans

Tin, steel, aluminum, and bi-metal cans; aluminum foil
Wash,  clean
Clean lids acceptable
Attached labels acceptable
Aluminum siding
Paint and spray cans
Aerosol cans
Propane cylinders

Batteries from autos, tractors, or trucks.
Place rechargeable battery next to recycling container
Dry cell batteries
D, AA, AAA, etc...
nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries
Waste Oil
Oil Containers

Waste oil drained from engines
Pour into clean , clear plastic, capped (screw or tape down cap) container (1 gal max)
Place beside recycling container
Do not mix with other liquids
Scrap Metal
Washing Machine

Metal items such as appliances and other items made of ferrous metals, aluminum, brass, copper, tin, nickel or alloys
For collection Wednesday, call Town Hall at (860) 644-2511, ext. 343, or complete online form; up until NOONTIME TUESDAY to arrange for pickup
Call well in advance for freezers, refrigerators, air-conditioners, and dehumidifiers; disposal charge of $15.00 (subject to change) per appliance
Rubber, plastic or other metallic components
Propane Tanks - call (860) 644-2511, ext. 343 for disposal information
Plastic Bottle

Code 1 (PET) Plastic containers - examples: soda, cooking oil, dish detergent bottles; Code 2 (HDPE) plastic containers - examples: milk jugs, laundry detergent, bleach, dish detergent.~ Look on container and cover/lids for recycling symbol with code designation
Code #1 through #7 Plastics
Wash,  clean and flatten
Attached labels acceptable
Up to one gallon or three liter size
Place in recycling container or in brown bag
Secure against wind
Lids/covers unless marked with code 1 or 2 recycling symbol
Original oil container
Plastic bags

Colored plastic plant containes
Mixed Paper Junk Mail

Magazines, coupons, envelopes (with or without cellophane windows) color inserts, junk mail, office paper, sweepstakes forms, notebook paper, phone books, catalogs, paperbacks, books (remove hard cover)
Place inside recycling container.
Shredded paper accepted.
Clean hard cover books will be accepted at the Library
Plastic bags
Commingled with other recyclables
Tee Shirt

Curbside collection of clean, used clothing or personal garments (i.e., shirts, jackets, pants, dresses)
Place clean used clothing in plastic bag and leave bag next to recycling bin;
Or bring clothing to a local charity drop-off box
Non-garment clothe (i.e. draperies, pillow cases, bed sheets)
Hats, ties, footwear, underclothes
Aseptic Packages
Cardboard Milk Container

Gable shaped, plastic coated paper containers (milk type containers) up to one gallon in size, and small, single serving juice boxes
Wash,  clean
Remove straws and caps
Do not flatten
Containers not empty or clean

Antifreeze drained from engine cooling systems
Pour into clean, clear plastic capped (screw cap or taped cap) container.~ Only accepted at Town Garage on Burgess Road.
Do not mix with other liquids
Used Oil Filters
Oil Can and Filter

Used vehicle oil filters
Drain residual oil from filter, place in plastic container.
Oil filters not drained

Curbside collection in the Fall
Spring drop off at the Leaf Compost Site on Burgess Road.  Call 860-648-6366 to obtain a key for compost area.
Scheduled Fall Collection as specified in newspaper.
For information call 860-648-6366; 24 hour collection update 860-648-6371; or Town website.
Sticks, stones and brush

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