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To outline planned and potential improvements and management strategies for the Major Michael Donnelly Land Preserve.

Improvements/Management Strategies

General and conceptual types of property improvements have been identified in the “Open Space Access Plan” and the “Open Space Stewardship Plan.”  More specific and detailed planned and potential improvements are described below.  Additionally, Management Strategies are identified as well in an effort to insure that implemented improvements can be properly maintained and to insure that the health and diversity of the natural resources within the property are managed.

Planned and Potential Improvements


1.                 Trail construction – provide continuous trail system from Sullivan Avenue to West Road (started)

2.                 Install gazebo near pond.

3.                 Increased parking off Sullivan Avenue (completed)

4.                 Landscaping/stabilization of area adjacent to parking lot and trail off Sullivan Avenue

5.                 Brush clearing for grassland habitat and selective tree releases west of Podunk River(started)

6.                 Install benches

7.                 Install trail signage/kiosk

8.                 Install educational signage

9.                 Mow field off West Road

10.             Stock pond with fish (completed)

11.              Install/construct crossing to allow equipment access along wet area off West Road

12.             Flag Pole with lights


1.                 Trail construction

2.                 Construct Viewing Tower

3.                 Planting of grassland west of Podunk River with mixture of warm and cool grasses

4.                 Install educational signage

5.                 Install trail signage

6.                 Install benches

7.                 Mow field off West Road

8.                 Install equipment crossing structure over Podunk West Road side of property

9.                 Trim brush along trails/boardwalks

10.             Install kestrel nest boxes

11.             Install parking lot off West Road

12.             Stock pond with fish

13.             Mow grassland west of Podunk River

14.             Parking lot/Trail/Boardwalk maintenance


1.                 Build Educational Building

2.                 Trail construction

3.                 Mow field off West Road

4.                 Mow grassland west of Podunk River

5.                 Install bat houses

6.                 Trim brush along Trails/boardwalk

7.                 Parking lot/Trail/Boardwalk maintenance


1.                 Supplement riparian buffers with hazelnut, switchgrass, winterberry, elderberry, sweet pepperbush, spicebush, blackberry

2.                 Mow field off West Road

3.                 Trim brush along trails

4.                 Supplement signage and benches

5.                 Stock pond with fish

6.                 Stock Podunk with trout

7.                 Mow grassland west of Podunk River

8.                 Parking lot/Trail/Boardwalk maintenance


1.                 Mow field off West Road

2.                 Trim brush along trails/boardwalk

3.                 Stock Podunk with fish

4.                 Mow grassland west of Podunk River

5.                 Parking lot/Trail/Boardwalk maintenance

6.                 Install kestrel nest boxes

7.                 Overseed grassland west of Podunk


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